HOT NEW ITEM! Lutron CFL and LED Dimmer



  • Offers more reliable dimming performance over incandescent dimmers when controlling CFLs and LEDs
  • Compatible with the broadest range of dimmable CFLs and LEDs
  • Multi-location dimming from up to 10 total locations with Maestro companion dimmers
  • Also works with a traditional 3-way switch
  • Delayed fade-to-off allows time to exit a room before lights turn off
  • Matches the Maestro family of controls, including dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors, and more


Digital Adjustment

  • Dimmable bulb performance varies from bulb to bulb and among manufacturers
  • Allows you to adjust the low-end of the dimming range based on the capability of your bulbs.

 HEDTM Technology

  • Advanced dimming circuitry designed for compatibility with most high-efficacy light bulbs
  • Allows different bulb types to be dimmed together effectively (ex: LED and halogen)

 Advanced Programming

  • Preset lights to automatically turn on to a predetermined level every time
  • Adjust fade time for lights turning on and off allows lights to come on and/or turn off gradually 
Model number* Product name Control type Maximum capacity
MACL-153M-** Maestro C•L dimmer Single-pole/3-way/ multi-location 150 W CFL/LED or 600 W Incandescent/Halogen 120 V

* Add an “H” before last dash to order products in clamshell packaging.

** Available in gloss and Satin Colors®

Copper rallies

Don’t look now but copper is up nearly $.20/lb today – really! Copper went from below $3.10/lb at the close yesterday to $3.29/lb at midday today. You know what that means – Monday will start out with much higher pricing on building wire. Where it will be by the end of next week is anybody’s guess and there will be some crazy pricing among distributors because everyone is sitting on lower cost stock that has been brought in over the past couple of months. The key question to be answered is whether this sudden increase is the harbinger of a long-awaited market turn-around or if is just a momentary blip on the commodities screen. Stay tuned

What’s Happening With Wire and Cable?

When copper reached $3.75/lb on the spot market on February 1st, it marked the highest price since early October. In the more than two weeks since then, copper has remained above $3.70 with just one exception when it slipped dipped just under that mark. This period of relative consistent strength gave way over the last two trading days as the red metal dropped to $3.66 yesterday and is down to $3.63 at midday today. As we approach the end of a relatively low demand month, we may see some lower prices on wire and cable.