Our Mission and Vision

So often Vision and Mission statements are stale lifeless documents that do little to inspire and fail miserably at painting a compelling picture. The “Vision Tree” which graces our stairway at 10 Twosome Drive in Moorestown, offers a uniquely visual representation of who we are, what we hold dear, and what we are striving to become.

Begin by looking at the roots that are growing deep into the rich soil. The scripture verse written there reminds us that God is the one true source of our being. He is the nourishment from which our company draws its strength. No tree is stronger than its root system. Our roots grow deeply downward and support our branches as they grow skyward. The beauty of the tree is a reflection of His glory.

As your gaze rises, notice the girth of its trunk, strong and solid. This tree has been growing since 1920 and has successfully weathered many economic storms including the Great Depression.

Next, notice that from the trunk spring four strong branches representing the four keys to our healthy growth:

  • Our Associates
  • Our Financial Strength
  • Our Reputation
  • Our Style of doing things

These four branches work together to form the shape of the tree that is growing toward and lifting up our Mission and Vision. Take time to look at the smaller branches that grow from and define each of these four important areas.

Finally notice how the branches surround our Mission

To thrill our customers with the experience we give them when they trust us with their business. We love our customers and want them to know they can count on us. It is through this earned trust that we build healthy long-term relationships that help us both to prosper.

…and our Vision

To become a distributor that is:

  • Regional in scope
  • Growing in size and financial strength
  • Has a distinctive style
  • Has professional associates that are friendly, fun, and fulfilled
  • Has an unsurpassed reputation for thrilling our customers

Does our company perfectly reflect the beauty of the tree? Of course not, we are an imperfect work in progress. But daily we are striving to become more and more like the tree you see before you.

Come and watch us grow!